Vintage Indian Glass Almirah

$2,850 AUD

Almirahs, both big and small, were a staple piece in almost all Indian households. They were used to store salt and grain in the kitchen, or saris, quilts and other textiles in living spaces and bedrooms. Salvaged from Rajasthan, this petite, 80-year-old almirah was used to store a collection of traditional kantha fabric. Handcrafted from solid teak, it has since been fitted with delicate glass panels and still has its original hardware intact. We think it would make a lovely sideboard in almost any space filled with a stack of heirloom ceramics, a set of crystal wine glasses or folded tablecloths and napkins.


Dimensions: 159 H x 56 W/D x 117 L cm

Care Instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth

Material: Teak

SKU: IFU1221-38