Vintage Indian Glass Almirah

$1,995 AUD

Vintage Indian Almirahs were essential in Indian households, serving as versatile wardrobes made from timber or metal. They stored essentials like salt and grain in kitchens or saris and quilts in bedrooms. Their charm lies in their uniqueness, each one reflecting the home it belonged to. This 80-year-old vintage almirah, salvaged from Rajasthan, likely housed saris or bedding and fabrics. Incorporating this vintage almirah into modern homes brings character and functionality. Place it in a living or dining room to store wares, books, or even as a display for cherished collectibles. Its shelves and compartments offer versatile storage, keeping clutter at bay while adding a touch of heritage. You could also transform it into a unique kitchen storage solution. Use it as a pantry alternative, storing dry goods, spices, or stylishly showcasing dinnerware behind its ornate doors. Balance its rustic charm with contemporary elements like sleek sofas or minimalistic decor.

Dimensions: 110 L x 48 W x 183 H cm
Material: Teak Wood
Age: 60 - 80 years
Original Purpose: Old Storage Cabinet
Origin: Rajasthan, India
Care Instructions: Wipe with a dry cloth


SKU: IFU1223-34