Vintage Indian Glass Almirah

$8,995 AUD

Our Vintage Indian Glass Almirah is a stunning fusion of functionality and beauty, offering ample storage while showcasing a charming aesthetic. Its glass-paneled doors and natural wood finish exude a rustic elegance, making it a versatile piece for any space. With plenty of storage space inside, it's an ideal choice for displaying glassware, showcasing kitchen essentials, or serving as a perfect book or library piece. The shelving within the almirah provides an excellent opportunity to display glassware or cherished kitchen items, creating an organized and visually appealing arrangement. Its natural wood finish adds warmth and character, blending seamlessly into different interiors, whether modern, traditional, or eclectic. As a book or library piece, it offers not just storage but a canvas to showcase literary treasures, adding a touch of sophistication to any reading corner or study. This almirah isn't just a storage unit; it's a statement piece that combines practicality with aesthetic charm, inviting admiration for its craftsmanship and versatility. Its ability to cater to various storage needs while enhancing the visual appeal of a room makes it an indispensable addition to any home.

Dimensions (cm): 176 L x 58 W x 205 H
Age: 60 - 80
Original Purpose: old storage cabinet
Origin: RAJASTHAN, India
Care Instructions: WIPE WITH DRY CLOTH

SKU: IFU1223-10