From the Global Financial Crisis to more recently bushfires and lockdown, there's been countless obstacles to overcome - but we've come out stronger the other side.

I've poured so much energy into my TRADE WINS online course, to help teach others how to build not only a successful retail business but also a solid foundation so you can build back up if you get knocked down.

You can watch my interview on Ticker TV about TRADE WINS here:

Starting a business from scratch has to be one of the hardest undertakings for anyone out there. Tara Solberg did just that, now she's built an online course, helping others who want to start a successful retail business.

Can you take us back to to the beginning? How did you get it off the ground?

So my husband, Danny and I, started out 12 years ago and we opened our first retail store in Huskisson, New South Wales. It's definitely been a journey from there.

But we've now got four stores, in Huskisson, Berry and Bowrel and a wholesale business called Indigo Love.

I've now just launched a course where I help other people to start a retail business.


So you wanted to go through your business and what you've learnt, you decided you wanted to to pass on some of that to others. Why why did you make that decision? Was it just a feeling inside where you wanted to give back?

When you start a business, there are a lot of questions that you have and a lot of things that you don't know, or that you don't understand.

I just I love what I do, and I'm really extremely passionate about it. So I wanted to make that process easier for people like me who had no idea where to start and basically how not to learn the hard way, not to learn those through those expensive lessons and those trying and difficult mistakes.


So what what are you talking to other people about? And then how can they avoid those mistakes?

The course takes you through everything from starting a business. So all of the basics you're registering domain names, business names, setting up, you know, business partnerships or companies. But then it moves on to the more creative side of things.

How to choose products, how to merchandise, how to build a story around your brand, and to really build an experience for your customers to engage in. Which is a really, really big part of retail. I feel like that whole experience is so important in engaging your customer.


And how in terms of what we're seeing right now, obviously things have changed. We're going online. You know, every business needs to have a really strong digital presence. But that engaging with the customer is that very different. Now to what you experienced perhaps when you started your business?

I think the bricks and mortar experience is really important. I know that there is a big move to retail at the moment. But, you know, even just from the lockdowns and in the situation that we're going through at the moment, you can see like people are craving that human connection. They want to get out and they want to experience things. They're getting bored with sitting there and shopping online. So I really do believe in that whole immersive experience. Yeah. No, I tend to agree.

If people want to learn a bit more about it, where can they head?

They can visit and join the waitlist!