The Horse Watches Now Online! June 13 2015

Just a quick one today to let you all know that we now have The Horse watches available to buy online! Yay! Such a simple, timeless (excuse the pun!) and stylish range of watches, I am not yet the lucky owner of one as I can't decide which one to choose! What a predicament. Maybe I'll have to buy one for Danny and one for me, and then we can share (or I can share his). At such a reasonable price point of $139, why not?
So, if you're anything like me, you may be tempted to splurge and buy a couple of them... a winter and a summer watch... a beautiful black and rose gold style, or a classic grey band with white face? Or maybe one of the new styles (soon to be available) in blush and rose gold?? What do you think?

Pala Kilims Love April 09 2015

It’s nice to be able to travel and even nicer to find great traditional unique pieces to bring home. Pala Kilims are definitely in that field. There is something about the randomness that is really attractive. It’s always nice to find pieces that are like no other – isn’t that what everyone wants – to be unique. As Oscar Wilde says – be yourself, everyone else is taken – I think its the same for style and taste. The thought of having something that someone else has, doesn’t appeal to me at all unless it’s amazing or a necessity.

Meet Keelah April 09 2015

Back in 1999 I was in Lacanau in France and I remember seeing this massive big hairy dog running into the surf without hesitation, and it wasn't little waves it was big chest to head high. I was amazed at how well this dog could swim and its size was also overwhelming. Ever since that day I would research this big dog...The Newfoundland. The more I read the more I felt attached to this breed. Absolutely no aggression, a breed whose job it was help fisherman haul in nets and get to shore with stories of many dogs saving lives at sea. It was the dog in Peter Pan "nanny" and is known as a babysitter of children - a gentle giant.

Some New Stuff July 24 2014

We have been busy (getting so sick of saying that – we are ALWAYS busy)…trying to make tonnes of new stuff make it to our shore. Its been exhausting and sometimes we wonder why we persist, but when we see the some of the products finally arrive it seems worth it.

This year in particular we have made massive efforts to do as much as our bank will allow. We have new mugs in a couple of designs, heaps of new printed cotton and velvet cushions, salad servers, cake knives, measuring spoons, a very cool recipe book stand, rugs, bread and cheese boards, wall knobs, bowls, more amazing lights (if they ever arrive), throws…getting the idea – lots. Plus our usual array of one-off and unique finds that are always regularly coming in means we are getting on first name basis with a few people in customs?

It’s all very exciting and part of our endless drive to find and create interesting pieces for interesting people…hope you like them.


The Love Job July 16 2014

I can’t even remember what year it was…thinking maybe early 90’s. I was 20 or so and surfing in Indonesia turned from a dream to a reality – good times. We would fly into Denpasar, stay a couple of days then on another plane to more remote Indonesia. Surfing and a love of travel led us to many remote places – West Java, Sumatra, Sumbawa, the Philipphines, Fiji, central America… Different cultures have always fascinated me and every trip I’d do the obligatory shell hunt. My favourite place in southern Sumbawa was a stretch of reef/beach that went for 10’s of kilometres. Every year I would hire a bike and drive to the end of the road and a little village called Nunga Dora – still horse and cart there, people living in tribal houses off the ground – amazing little village.

Hip Hip Hooray! Our Lighting is Here July 01 2014

It’s been an exhausting wait (by exhausting, that also includes frustrating, trying, annoying and costly), but our lighting has finally arrived. It was meant to be here early May of course, but whats a few months between customers?

Anyway, moving to the positive side, it’s all here, it looks amazing and has brightened up our lives (I’m good at dad jokes). there’s the very cool desk lamp style in Black, white and duck egg blue – the table lamps in black and white,  three styles of pendants with gingham cotton cords and then the crochets – a lamp and a pendant…hope you love them as much as we do…

Time is flying December 06 2013

Sharing Moments May 28 2013

Yesterday I did some banners to encourage followers on facebook to follow us on instagram and when I started I thought what can I do? Then I remembered I had some shots I’d taken in India of locals taking photos of me taking photos of them…perfect for an instagram promotion!

A Trade Show Debut March 02 2013

Well we have been busier than i know how to explain…seriously busy. We decided a bit last minute to bite the bullet and do a trade show and last week it came to fruition. Our trusty stand builder (Tara’s Dad) “did” his back days before having to construct our stand so it was with the help of some friends, family and anyone we could con to help to get it all to work. We even had a container arrive the day the stand was meant to be constructed!

So we exhibited our wares and finds – it was a huge bite on a very big bullet, but we survived, exhausted, looking tired, but survived….

To everyone who wished us well and came by with kind words – thank you!

Something Old Something New January 24 2013


Last week Tara and I made a bit of a rash decision and decided it was necessary (actually was) to re-visit Turkey. I can definitely think of worse “necessary” places to visit so yes we are lucky – off to Turkey to do some work – not a bad thing!

Next Shipment October 07 2012

I think I would get jetlag on a trip from the blue mountains to the harbour bridge these days! We came back from our most recent trip to India and getting back into a sleeping pattern hasn’t been easy. I would not have thought a trip to India could throw us out so much…anyway I have finally gotten around to posting another blog. Seems we do far more on facebook these days?

I thought I’d share a few peeks at some unique pieces on the way. It is barely a peek really, we tend to fit quite a lot in a container. This shipment has  some pieces that i think will be very popular based on similar pieces that didn’t last long at all previously (old railings and panels, indian daybeds etc) and new finds like old metal ceiling panels and amazing stone pieces from temples and heritage buildings.

We are fingers crossed this shipment will be here for early December, so once it all arrives I’ll take loads of shots and post them out.