Lumi Wall Sconce

$109 AUD
The Lumi Wall Sconce has a delicate and ethereal form that draws inspiration from organic forms and amorphous shapes. Its minimalist design captures the essence of Earth's rotation, symbolizing the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the natural world. The wall light's poetic touch and antique brass finish transcends mere illumination, becoming an artistic expression that harmonizes seamlessly with diverse interiors. We love to layer our wall sconces to create an elevated illuminating sculptural wall feature.
Stylist's tip: Layering wall sconces allows for a versatile and personalized approach to illuminating your space. Layer Clover, Lumi and Raine Wall Sconces together to create a tailored lighting design that complements your interior style.
We suggest using a decorative filament style globe or a large white frosted globe to complement this sconce.

Dimensions: 9L x 39W x 39H cm
SKU: IL-LI-236