Keilani Sofa

$3,670 AUD

A sofa is something you should be overjoyed to see, something you can sink into after a long and busy day. This is what we kept in mind when we made our Keilani sofa. When we sat in the first Keilani sofa, it really felt like we were sitting on a cloud. Isn't it fitting, then, that the origin of the name Keilani means 'heaven' or 'the sky'?

Each one of our Keilani sofas has been meticulously crafted from only the finest materials. Plus, each has a removable cover for added convenience. Our Keilani sofas come in 3 gorgeous colours, and each colourway is made from a different type of fabric and tells a special story. Our Birch shade reminds us of the majestic birch trees that are so characteristic of northern India where we travel so often. Our Asphalt shade brings to mind the long stretches of road in the heart of Rajasthan or the tarmac under a plane as we take off on another adventure. And, our Desert shade helps us recall of the sweeping Sahara Desert in Morocco where we rode camels and sourced some incredible treasures.


    • Cover Materials: 37% Cotton, 63% Jute
    • Cushion & Fill Materials: Silicon Fibre 8D
    • Leg Material: Pine
    • Leg Colour: Dark Brown

    Care Instructions: Dry clean only

    Dimensions: 98H x 210W x 90D x Seat height: 43H cm

    SKU: IL-CS-032 ASP