Norbert Cushion

$90 AUD

Introducing our Norbert Cushion, a luxurious addition to your decor that seamlessly blends nostalgia, modernism, and the charm of bygone eras. This square cushion features a sumptuous velvet fabric adorned in diagonal striped patterns.Inspired by the timeless elegance of past decades, the Velvet Essence Cushion draws from the rich tapestry of nostalgia, incorporating modernist design principles to create a truly unique piece. The diagonal stripes evoke a sense of movement and dynamic energy, adding a contemporary flair to the overall design. Crafted for both comfort and style, this cushion invites you to indulge in the softness of velvet while enjoying the visual intrigue of its striped patterns. Norbert Cushion is available in two colour options.
Styling Tip: Place the cushion on a vintage-inspired armchair, a sleek modern sofa to elevate your home with the allure of velvet and the nostalgic charm of diagonal stripes, encapsulating a blend of modern sophistication and echoes of bygone elegance.

Dimensions: 50L x 50W cm