Noemi Marble Tray

$189 AUD

Discover the timeless elegance of the Noemi Marble Tray - a captivating stone tray that adds sophistication and style to your space. Available in two stunning marbles - lady onyx and grey levanto marble, this marble tray is a true testament to the allure of natural beauty. The semi-circle half-moon shape of the Noemi Marble Tray, exudes a sense of harmony and balance. Its graceful curves create a captivating visual display when atop a sideboard or table. Perfect for displaying jewellery or valuable pieces, the Noemi Marble Tray becomes a luxurious showcase for your most treasured possessions. The veining and materiality of the marble enhance the beauty of your items, creating a harmonious display of elegance.

Dimensions (cm): 50 L x 25 W x 2 H
Care Instructions: Wipe with dry cloth