Hera Chain

$89.95 AUD

Unleash your creativity with the exquisite Hera Chain, a decorative chain crafted from luxurious grey travertine. This unique marble chain serves as a stunning decorative item, allowing you to effortlessly elevate your interior styling. The Hera Chain is the perfect accessory to adorn a stack of books or to place on a tray, adding a touch of sophistication to any vignette. With a matte finish, the Hera Chain exudes a subtle and refined allure. The soft texture of the grey travertine marble enhances its aesthetic appeal, providing a tactile element that adds depth and visual interest to your interior.

Dimensions (cm): 35.56 L x 10.16 W x 1.5 H
Materials: Grey Travertine with matte finish
Care Instructions: Clean with soft dry cloth