Helene Pot

$55 AUD
Introducing the Helene Pot, a distinctive planter that features unique, curved, scalloped handles atop a sleek cylinder-like form. This pot stands out as a sophisticated blend of artistic design and practical functionality.
The scalloped handles of the Helene Pot, with their gentle curves, add a touch of refined elegance to the overall structure. The cylinder-like shape provides a modern and versatile canvas for your favourite plants, seamlessly integrating into various decor styles. In earthy tones, the Helene Pot becomes a subtle yet impactful accent, enhancing the aesthetic of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether serving as a stylish home for your plants or making a statement on its own, this pot invites a touch of contemporary charm into your surroundings.

Dimensions: 21.5L x 18W x 17H cm
Material: Stoneware
Area of use: Indoor
Handcrafted: Yes
Cleaning Requirements/ Instructions: Clean with mild soapy water
Country of Origin: China