Hazel Pot

$55 AUD
Introducing the Hazel Pot, a handmade ceramic masterpiece adorned with creamy clay tones. This sculptural vessel features captivating crests and ridges that gracefully variegate the surface, adding a unique and tactile dimension. Crafted with care, the Hazel Pot stands as a testament to artisanal expertise, showcasing an organic yet refined aesthetic. The creamy clay tones of the Hazel Pot lend it a timeless charm, while the sculptural crests and ridges contribute to its distinctive character. Meticulously handcrafted, this pot is not only a functional vessel but also a work of art that brings a touch of nature's elegance into your space. Hazel Pot is available in two sizes.

Product Weight: 0.6Kg
Dimensions: W12 x D13.5x H13.5cm
Material: Ceramic
Area of use: Indoor
Handcrafted: Yes
Cleaning Requirements/ Instructions: Clean with mild soapy water
Country of Origin: China