Delano Marble Bowl

$149 AUD

Step into the realm of refined elegance with the Delano Marble Bowl. Carved from the finest grey levanto marble, this marble bowl stands as a testament to the beauty of nature. The irregular shape of the Delano Marble Bowl, with organic wavy lines and soft edges, reflects the graceful movements found in the natural world. Its design transcends conventional norms, becoming a captivating piece. Feel the smoothness of the gentle dip in the bowl, inviting you to run your fingers along its surface. Every inch of the Delano Marble Bowl showcases the intricate veining of the marble. Each swirl and pattern tells a unique story, making this bowl a true testament to the individuality of natural materials.

Dimensions (cm): 28.75 L x 23.75 W x 3.75 H
Materials: Grey Levanto Marble
Care Instructions: Wipe with dry cloth