Daisy Pot

$40 AUD
Introducing the Daisy Pot, an intricately crafted piece that effortlessly navigates the realms of art and design. Its meticulous design showcases a scalloped, wavy shape, infusing the pot with a distinct charm. Handmade with precision, this pot achieves a perfect equilibrium—timeless yet versatile, seamlessly serving as both a planter and a captivating objet d’art.

The artisanal touch evident in the handmade ceramic construction, paired with the unique scalloped, wavy shape, propels the Daisy Pot into a realm of artistic expression. Its timeless design ensures a harmonious integration into various decor styles, making it a versatile and enduring addition to any space. The Daisy Pot is available in two sizes, Large and Small.

Whether used as a distinctive planter for your favorite green companions or showcased as a standalone work of art, the Daisy Pot, with its scalloped, wavy shape, invites admiration and appreciation for its seamless fusion of artistic craftsmanship and functional design.

Product Weight: 0.8Kg
Dimensions: W15 x D12.5x H15cm
Material: Ceramic
Area of use: Indoor
Handcrafted: Yes
Cleaning Requirements/ Instructions: Clean with mild soapy water
Country of Origin: China