Astrid Pot

$220 AUD
Introducing the Astrid Pot, a distinctive addition to your decor with a softly textured exterior and an amorphous silhouette that gracefully transforms with varying viewing angles. This pot embodies an organic and earthy form, bringing a touch of nature's elegance to your living space.
The ribbed exterior of the Astrid Pot adds a subtle yet alluring tactile dimension, inviting both touch and visual exploration. The amorphous silhouette contributes to its dynamic aesthetic, ensuring a unique and captivating presence in any setting.
Crafted to seamlessly blend with nature, the Astrid Pot serves as a versatile decor piece. Whether showcased as a standalone accent or used to showcase your favourite greenery, this pot effortlessly combines organic charm with a modern, sophisticated allure, making it a striking addition to your home decor.