Alder Bookend

$89.95 AUD

Experience the captivating beauty of the Alder Bookend, a stone travertine decor piece that combines functionality with sculptural elegance. This bookend showcases a unique architectural shape, making it a stunning addition to your bookshelf or desk. Built to last, the Alder Bookend is made from high-quality stone, providing a heavy and sturdy base to keep your books securely in place. The Alder Bookend features a beautiful beige colour travertine, adding a touch of natural warmth to your space. The travertine's natural look and distinctive texture create a harmonious blend of organic beauty and refined aesthetics. For a truly captivating display, pair the Alder Bookend with the Rowan Bookend. Together, they create a visually striking arrangement to showcases your books in style.

Dimensions (cm): 12.7 L x 5.715 W x 10.79 H
Materials: Beige Travertine
Care Instructions: Clean with soft dry cloth