Vintage Indian Tent Table

$650 AUD

Steeped in the rich traditions of Northern Indian weddings, these Vintage Tent Tables stand as both functional pieces and beautiful works of art. Crafted from reclaimed solid teak and iron frame. Their ingenious design features simple metal supports ingeniously attached to dowels in the legs, allowing them to collapse effortlessly for convenient storage when not in use.
What truly sets these tables apart is their individuality and history. Each bears the marks of its own unique journey, with some featuring metal patchwork that artfully covers marks in the wood grain, adding to their rustic beauty. These tables have witnessed countless family celebrations and ceremonies, infused with the stories and joy of generations past.
Available in 2 colours - Natural and Bleached.

Age: 60-80 years
Dimensions: W46 x D176  x H80cm (approximate dimensions only)
Material: Reclaimed  Wood
Cleaning Requirements/ Instructions: Wipe with a dry cloth
Country of Origin: India

SKU: IFU0424-64