Vintage Indian Glass Almirah

$1,395 AUD
Introducing our Vintage Indian Glass Almirah, a slender and elegant piece designed to fit seamlessly into small or narrow spaces. Crafted from timber and glass, these vintage almirahs have long been revered for their versatility and storied charm in Indian households.
With its narrow profile and glass fronts and sides, this almirah offers a unique showcase for your most cherished possessions. Salvaged from Rajasthan and boasting a rich history, it adds an element of allure and mystique to your interior.
We love this almirah for its ability to effortlessly blend functionality with style. Its slim design makes it perfect for maximising storage in compact areas, while its glass panels allow you to proudly display your favourite decor pieces and collectibles.
To style this almirah, consider placing it in a hallway or corner where it can serve as a stunning focal point. Fill it with curated collections of vintage glassware, ceramics, or decorative objects to showcase your personal style and add visual interest to your space.
Alternatively, use it in a small living area to create an elegant display of books, artwork, or plants. Its transparent design will help to visually expand the space, while its warm wood tones will add a touch of sophistication and warmth to the room.

Age: 60-80 years
Dimensions: W63 x D47 x H170cm
Material: Teak Wood
Cleaning Requirements/ Instructions: Wipe with a dry cloth
Country of Origin: India
SKU: IFU0424-20