Vintage Indian Console

$2,195 AUD
Introducing our Vintage Indian Console, a remarkable piece crafted from reclaimed teak wood sourced from Rajasthan. This console, made from repurposed sections of an old timber door, carries with it the rich legacy and artistry of its origins. With delicate hand-carved details and the gentle bleach wash enhancing the wood's natural allure, it boasts a captivating rustic and vintage aesthetic.
We've selected this console for its fusion of rustic finish and artistic ingenuity. Its adaptable design renders it an ideal addition to any contemporary interior. Placed in the entryway, it extends a warm welcome to guests, offering a glimpse into its storied past and adding a touch of historical charm. Style it with an assortment of ornaments, coffee table books and table lamp to fashion an inviting focal point.
In modern interiors, this vintage console introduces warmth and depth. Pair it with sleek, minimalist furnishings to create an arresting juxtaposition of styles. Its bleached finish imparts an air of lightness, while the inclusion of studs and antiqued metal hardware infuses it with character. Whether serving as a statement piece in the entryway or a functional accent in the living room, this console effortlessly merges old-world beauty with contemporary flair.

Age: 60-80 years
Dimensions: W206 x D42 x H91cm
Material: Reclaimed Wood
Cleaning Requirements/ Instructions: Wipe with a dry cloth
Country of Origin: India
SKU: IFU0424-53