Vintage Indian Cabinet

$1,395 AUD
This Vintage Indian Almirah showcases vintage paintwork in hues of grey and green, lending it a character-rich patina that speaks of its rich history and uniqueness. Crafted from solid teak wood and originating from Rajasthan, this 80-year-old treasure bears the marks of time with grace and elegance.
Decorated with original hardware and boasting a weathered patina acquired over decades, this almirah holds an enduring appeal that transcends trends. Its vintage paintwork adds depth and personality to its appearance, each brushstroke telling a story of its journey through the years.
Perfect for modern spaces seeking a touch of rustic detail, this almirah serves as both a practical storage solution and a decorative accent. Its versatile design allows it to seamlessly blend into various decor styles, from coastal to eclectic.
Consider styling it with a glass vase, sculptural object and books to complement its vintage paintwork and enhance its unique aesthetic.
As a relic of the past, this Vintage Indian Almirah brings a sense of history and nostalgia to any home, making it a truly special addition to your space.

Age: 60-80 years
Dimensions: W90 x D44 x H99cm
Material: Reclaimed Wood
Cleaning Requirements/ Instructions: Wipe with a dry cloth
Country of Origin: India
SKU: IFU0424-30