Magda Vase

$279 AUD

Make a bold statement with the exquisite Magda Vase, an extraordinary piece of art handcrafted from paper mache. This extra large, statement vase is a testament to skilled craftsmanship and artistic vision, with the vase design inhouse by our team in Jervis Bay. Each vase is carefully handcrafted, ensuring a unique and distinct creation. The Magda Vase exudes warmth with its hazelnut caramel colour. The vase has a truly sculptural presence with its diamond-like shape, adorned with decorative handles. This vase is more than just a functional vessel; it is a true work of contemporary art that captures the eye and sparks conversation. This vase can stand on its own as a statement centerpiece, gracing your mantel, console table, or shelf with its commanding presence. It can also be used to hold an arrangement of beautiful dried stems or branches, infusing your space with natural beauty. This paper mache vase cannot hold water. We recommend placing a smaller glass with water inside should you wish to display this vase with fresh flowers.

Dimensions (cm): 35 L x 35 W x 45 H
Materials: Paper Mache
Care Instructions: Wipe with dry cloth