Lennox Side Table

$750 AUD
Inherent in the essence of natural materials, the Lennox Side Table serves as both furniture and sculpture. Its individualistic charm allows it to stand alone as a captivating centerpiece or harmoniously join a curated collection, transforming any space into a haven of understated luxury. The unique composition of the marble ensures that each design is distinctive, rendering every piece one-of-a-kind. Pair it with our Lennox Coffee table or use it as a bedside table for dimension and a sense of sophisticated style.

Product Weight: 13.75Kg
Dimensions: W44 x D38 x H57cm
Finish/ Colour: Electroplating
Material: Aluminium and Marble
Top Profile: Radiused
Assembly Required? No
Cleaning Requirements/ Instructions: A soft cloth should be used for cleaning
Country of Origin: India