Husk Vase

$279 AUD
$223.20 AUD

Crafted from high-quality, opaque black glass, this Husk Vase is a truly unique bowl-like shaped vase. The exterior of the Husk Vase features intricate line work that circles the glass vase, creating a mesmerising pattern that draws the eye in. These lines are etched into the glass, giving the vase a subtle texture that adds depth and interest. The flat top of the Husk Vase also features cross-hatching lines, adding a new layer of detail and complexity to the vase's design. The off-centre opening of this glass vase gives the vase a unique and unexpected look.

Dimensions (cm): Round - 13Hx15Lx5W, Globe 21Hx28Lx28W, Flat 10Hx36Lx36W
Material: Glass
Care Guide: Hand wash only