Teo Cushion

$110 AUD
Teo Cushion, features a captivating multi-tone graphic pattern that is a contemporary reinterpretation of a classic mid-scale check. Inspired by the enduring charm of mid-century design, this lumbar cushion brings a modern twist to a timeless motif. The inspiration behind the multi-tone graphic pattern lies in the desire to infuse a sense of dynamic energy into traditional aesthetics. The cushion's design pays homage to the classic mid-scale check, incorporating a variety of hues to create a visually striking and versatile piece. The modern take on a classic pattern of our lumbar Teo Cushion makes it a versatile accessory for various interior settings. Place it on a neutral-toned sofa to add a pop of colour or combine it with other patterned cushions for an eclectic mix. The lumbar shape makes it an ideal choice for providing lower back support while adding a touch of contemporary flair to your seating arrangement.

Product Weight: 0.88Kg
Dimensions: W60 x H40cm
Upholstery Colour: Beige / Brown
Upholstery Material: PET and acrylic
Removable Cover: Yes
Insert Material: Dacron
Area of use: Indoor
Cleaning Requirements/ Instructions: Spot clean only
Country of Origin: India