Vintage Indian Glass Sideboard

$3,395 AUD
$2,745 AUD

This antique, 70-year-old sideboard is proof that form and function can beautifully align. Sideboards are inherently versatile and can be placed almost anywhere in a home, but we think this particular piece would look beautiful in a living room or spacious hallway. Treat its shelving as a curated mini-museum and fill with a display of trinkets, coffee table books, and souvenirs from your travels across the globe. Then, simply top with a vase of your favourite flowers, framed photographs and a scented candle, or two. Originally from Rajasthan, this piece has been handcrafted from solid teak, fitted with delicate glass panels and has been polished a natural wax that beautifully enhances the warm tones in the timber.

Dimensions: 77H x 59W/D x 231L cm

Weight: 97kg

SKU: IFU0821-27