Vintage Indian Brick Mould (1 Brick)

$35 AUD

Crafted from teak and strapped in iron, these beautiful antique brick moulds are a treasure to which we often return. They tell the story of rural Rajasthan, and the skilled makers who made clay and mud bricks for buildings throughout the region over 80 years ago. Sometimes, these moulds would feature an internal symbol or logo so that a craftsman's brickwork could be identified. Today, their uses are endless; you can style them in your bathroom, filled with rolled towels and fresh soap, or on your kitchen island filled with spice jars and dried herbs. Or you can even mount them on your wall as creative and imaginative shelving.

Dimensions (cm): 31 L x 15 W x 9 H
Age: 60 - 80
Original Purpose: old brick moulds
Origin: RAJASTHAN, India
Care Instructions: WIPE WITH DRY CLOTH

SKU: IDE1223-07