Vintage Indian Almirah

$2,260 AUD

Almirahs, both big and small, were a staple piece in almost all Indian households. They were used to store salt and grain in the kitchen, or saris, quilts and other textiles in living spaces and bedrooms. Salvaged from Mumbai, this 80-year-old teak almirah was once used to store clothing and brightly coloured kantha. It still has its original paintwork and brass hardware intact and has since been polished in a protective wax. We think it would make a lovely wardrobe for a bedroom, in a similar vein to a French armoire, or let it take the place of your linen cupboard and fill with folded quilts and blankets.

Dimensions: 190H x 39W/D x 116L cm

Weight: 71.8kg

SKU: IFU0921-32