Sienna Nesting Table

$880 AUD

Sienna Nesting Tables boldly embody modern design in both proportion and form. Crafted from sleek metal with an antique brass finish, these tables seamlessly blend contemporary and vintage aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from clouds, the tables evoke a sense of fluidity and airiness. The antique brass finish adds an enduring elegance, ensuring these nesting side tables stand out as captivating accents in your decor. Pair them with a sofa or armchair in contrasting materials such as velvet or woven textures to add depth and visual interest.

Product Weight: 8.25Kg
Dimensions: W45 x D40 x H59cm
Finish/ Colour: Electroplating
Material: Aluminium
Top Profile: Rounded
Assembly Required? No
Cleaning Requirements/ Instructions: A soft cloth should be used for cleaning
Country of Origin: India