Maisie Pendant

$199 AUD
The Maisie Pendant is a delicate and ethereal luminary that draws inspiration from the intricate beauty and fluidity found in organic forms. Each sculptural section of this pendant light reminisces of the Earth's rotation and features aged brass finish. This design metaphorically captures the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the natural world, harmonizing with the subtle complexities of our planet's movements.
Playing with cast shadows, the Mila Pendant becomes an artistic expression, evoking a soft sophistication that transcends mere illumination. The thoughtful arrangement of cylindrical forms not only symbolizes the rhythmic and cyclical patterns found in Earth's rotations but also transforms this pendant into a captivating piece that brings the grace and delicacy of nature into any space.
Pair it with Mila Pendant for a layered look.

Dimensions: 30L x 30W x 32H cm
SKU: IL-LI-233