Meet Keelah

Back in 1999 I was in Lacanau in France and I remember seeing this massive big hairy dog running into the surf without hesitation, and it wasn't little waves it was big chest to head high. I was amazed at how well this dog could swim and its size was also overwhelming. Ever since that day I would research this big dog...The Newfoundland. The more I read the more I felt attached to this breed. Absolutely no aggression, a breed whose job it was help fisherman haul in nets and get to shore with stories of many dogs saving lives at sea. It was the dog in Peter Pan "nanny" and is known as a babysitter of children - a gentle giant.

Well it took a while (mostly for me to settle down) but 7 years ago Tara and I bought our own gentle giant. Keelah came to us from Adelaide at 13 weeks old. It was perfect timing really. We had been wanting a Brown Newfie which aren't that common at all and a breeder rang with a female that was available and Brown. It was right on Christmas and having some time off over chrissy would give us a great opportunity to settle our new girl in.

Well since she arrived Keelah has been part of our family. She is the best dog. So gentle, cruisy, relaxed, looooves the beach especially big rock pools, loves every dog she meets and every person even more. She probably sleeps at least 16 hours a day but we find it so relaxing having her at our feet snoring away. She is our own living teddy bear.

Anyone out there thinking of getting a new addition - I would highly recomend a newfie. They are a big dog (55-85kgs) and aren't quite aware of their size, but they have the best nature I think of any dog I have ever known.