Some New Stuff

We have been busy (getting so sick of saying that – we are ALWAYS busy)…trying to make tonnes of new stuff make it to our shore. Its been exhausting and sometimes we wonder why we persist, but when we see the some of the products finally arrive it seems worth it.

This year in particular we have made massive efforts to do as much as our bank will allow. We have new mugs in a couple of designs, heaps of new printed cotton and velvet cushions, salad servers, cake knives, measuring spoons, a very cool recipe book stand, rugs, bread and cheese boards, wall knobs, bowls, more amazing lights (if they ever arrive), throws…getting the idea – lots. Plus our usual array of one-off and unique finds that are always regularly coming in means we are getting on first name basis with a few people in customs?

It’s all very exciting and part of our endless drive to find and create interesting pieces for interesting people…hope you like them.