Something Old Something New

Last week Tara and I made a bit of a rash decision and decided it was necessary (actually was) to re-visit Turkey. I can definitely think of worse “necessary” places to visit so yes we are lucky – off to Turkey to do some work – not a bad thing!

We love Turkey! Once we got over the inevitable plane trip which I don’t really enjoy, the thought of fresh food and being surrounded by beautiful architecture, food and of course carpets was almost too much to look forward to…almost. Our main reason for the visit was to source more amazing Turkish overdyed rugs as well as other textiles from cultural places like Afghanistan (hats) and Uzbekistan (Suzannis).

Above is a Turquoise Overdyed Patchwork, which has to be seen to be appreciated. turquoise is the hardest colour to reproduce onto a digital image so the in person these colours are like looking over your favourite Pacific coral reef on the clearest day. We also another three Turquoise pieces coming soon, some in One Piece Carpets, rather than patchwork rugs.

Personally of all the overdyed rug colour choices, I really love the “antique” wash pieces. These ones use slightly different carpets and have a nice soft beige wash with usually soft pink fleshy tones where the carpets have faded in some pieces. The antique wash carpets also contain pieces of Herki Rugs – My favourite Anatolian style. Tara has also included some information on the process of the overdyed carpets so worth a look at her blog as well.

By the way – It’s a big call, but I have to say that I have found my favourite ever piece…by that I mean, of all the things we have seen and bought – this is it – a Turkish Herki rug. They are a tribe from south east Anatolia and before I even knew who and where they were from, I was drawn to Herki rugs. I kept searching through piles of rugs and as anyone who has been to this part of the world knows, that’s thousands of them, but I would always find one and go – whoa! I like this one! They were always the same style and after realizing the patterns etc seemed similar with every choice, I was later informed I was drawn to the Herkis and still am. Anyway, I asked one of our suppliers if he had any Herkis and sure enough, one of the pieces he bought to us is the most amazing carpet I have ever seen. I won’t explain it but wait until it arrives and take an image – can’t wait to see it again – it blew my mind. We don’t even really have the space for it in our home, but I am happy to let it sit neatly folded until a day comes to use it.

Above is a great example of a vintage Pala Kilim Patchwork. We have a few more on the way as well as cushion covers (which are amazing) on the way. The texture and colours in these carpets are beautiful. Wait till you see the cushion covers – all one-offs. Pala Kilims are very special as they contain a complex weaving style that to be duplicated today just wouldn’t be feasible due to the time it takes to weave them not to mention all the colours used. I am dying to get all the samples and be left alone in front of the studio wall for a couple of days – hopefully I can capture it all and do them justice.