Sharing Moments May 28 2013

Yesterday I did some banners to encourage followers on facebook to follow us on instagram and when I started I thought what can I do? Then I remembered I had some shots I’d taken in India of locals taking photos of me taking photos of them…perfect for an instagram promotion!

It’s funny to look at them (the shots) and think we share the exact same moment in life and time – they have their photo of me and I have the photo of them. I love the idea and think it would be cool if it became a trend…it’s possible?

Here’s some photos taken in India of me taking photos of people taking photos of me ( say that fast, five times?). I love taking photos of people especially when we travel so when someone wants to take our/my photo I share their feeling, unless they are mistaking me for someone more well known (usually work with it). Actually in two of them, Tara and I were covered in dye after getting caught in a holi festival celebration and thats why they were taking photos of us. At first I thought it was the chance of a lifetime to capture the locals all colourful with ink from head to toe, until they decided we’d look better covered in colour as well. As soon as one brave kid started and peppered us once, it was open season for all – actually got a little full on…so much dye and dye, water and electronic devices don’t mix well…it was an experience.