Pala Kilims Love

It’s nice to be able to travel and even nicer to find great traditional unique pieces to bring home. Pala Kilims are definitely in that field. There is something about the randomness that is really attractive. It’s always nice to find pieces that are like no other – isn’t that what everyone wants – to be unique. As Oscar Wilde says – be yourself, everyone else is taken – I think its the same for style and taste. The thought of having something that someone else has, doesn’t appeal to me at all unless it’s amazing or a necessity.

Pala Kilims are vintage rugs, usually long and very narrow, so on their own in original condition they are a little awkward for our Australian homes. As well as that, being aged, most we get to look at have some pretty decent holes, tears and stains etc in them, beyond the thought of liking the hole because it adds character. Searching through old pieces of carpet is also real fun, peeling back through maybes and nups to all of sudden find an amazing piece, with fantastic colour combinations of natural hues alongside vibrant almost fluoresecnt hits – they are artworks really. To produce them new these days is simply not viable. The labour, time and the use of colour variety – some pieces contain so many unique colours within a metre square its amazing.

So we pick pieces we love and have cushions made in varying sizes depending on the size of the original kilim to avoid wastage and maximise the piece and with the leftovers, patchworks are made, both cushions and rugs – each one of course a one-off and therefore unique. I even like taking photos of them. Pictured is a variety of cushions and of course the amazing patchwork rugs.