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I can’t even remember what year it was…thinking maybe early 90′s. I was 20 or so and surfing in Indonesia turned from a dream to a reality – good times. We would fly into Denpasar, stay a couple of days then on another plane to more remote Indonesia. Surfing and a love of travel led us to many remote places – West Java, Sumatra, Sumbawa, the Philipphines, Fiji, central America… Different cultures have always fascinated me and every trip I’d do the obligatory shell hunt. My favourite place in southern Sumbawa was a stretch of reef/beach that went for 10′s of kilometres. Every year I would hire a bike and drive to the end of the road and a little village called Nunga Dora – still horse and cart there, people living in tribal houses off the ground – amazing little village. The road ended here and it turned to goat track where the farmers would take their buffalo to a river mouth to bath and feed. Beyond that was endless beach where reef started at the waterline – it was a seashell gold mine. I would walk the hight tide line on the beach with a dozen or so village kids finding amazing clams, cowries and the find of finds – Nautilus shells.

I once on a trip to Panaitan Island between Sumatra and West Java lugged home a huge Giant clam (i think they are illegal to bring home now – mine was old and well and truly dead of course). Another year I stupidly brang back 50kgs of Indonesian sculpture – an actual tribal seat from Sumba – How I got away with that (total baggage weighed 80kgs) is another story, I was young and it was a time before airlines got Nazi on baggage allowances and even before Indonesians didn’t see an opportunity for a bribe…and I probably looked young and innocent.

Well I am still doing it today, but on a larger slightly more organised scale I hope…but still enjoying it. Not as many shell hunts these days though – i think I have enough anyway, but loving the pieces we source and the places we go.


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hip hip hooray! our lighting is here

It’s been an exhausting wait (by exhausting, that also includes frustrating, trying, annoying and costly), but our lighting has finally arrived. It was meant to be here early May of course, but whats a few months between customers?

Anyway, moving to the positive side, it’s all here, it looks amazing and has brightened up our lives (I’m good at dad jokes). there’s the very cool desk lamp style in Black, white and duck egg blue – the table lamps in black and white,  three styles of pendants with gingham cotton cords and then the crochets – a lamp and a pendant…hope you love them as much as we do…


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Pala Kilims


It’s nice to be able to travel and even nicer to find great traditional unique pieces to bring home. Pala Kilims are definitely in that field. There is something about the randomness that is really attractive. It’s always nice to find pieces that are like no other – isn’t that what everyone wants – to be unique. As Oscar Wilde says – be yourself, everyone else is taken – I think its the same for style and taste. The thought of having something that someone else has, doesn’t appeal to me at all unless it’s amazing or a necessity.

Pala Kilims are vintage rugs, usually long and very narrow, so on their own in original condition they are a little awkward for our Australian homes. As well as that, being aged, most we get to look at have some pretty decent holes, tears and stains etc in them, beyond the thought of liking the hole because it adds character. Searching through old pieces of carpet is also real fun, peeling back through maybes and nups to all of sudden find an amazing piece, with fantastic colour combinations of natural hues alongside vibrant almost fluoresecnt hits – they are artworks really. To produce them new these days is simply not viable. The labour, time and the use of colour variety – some pieces contain so many unique colours within a metre square its amazing.


So we pick pieces we love and have cushions made in varying sizes depending on the size of the original kilim to avoid wastage and maximise the piece and with the leftovers, patchworks are made, both cushions and rugs – each one of course a one-off and therefore unique. I even like taking photos of them. Pictured is a variety of cushions and of course the amazing patchwork rugs.



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sharing moments

Yesterday I did some banners to encourage followers on facebook to follow us on instagram and when I started I thought what can I do? Then I remembered I had some shots I’d taken in India of locals taking photos of me taking photos of them…perfect for an instagram promotion!

It’s funny to look at them (the shots) and think we share the exact same moment in life and time – they have their photo of me and I have the photo of them. I love the idea and think it would be cool if it became a trend…it’s possible?

Here’s some photos taken in India of me taking photos of people taking photos of me ( say that fast, five times?). I love taking photos of people especially when we travel so when someone wants to take our/my photo I share their feeling, unless they are mistaking me for someone more well known (usually work with it). Actually in two of them, Tara and I were covered in dye after getting caught in a holi festival celebration and thats why they were taking photos of us. At first I thought it was the chance of a lifetime to capture the locals all colourful with ink from head to toe, until they decided we’d look better covered in colour as well. As soon as one brave kid started and peppered us once, it was open season for all – actually got a little full on…so much dye and dye, water and electronic devices don’t mix well…it was an experience.






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