merry xmas and a happy new year

dec13 shipment

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better late than never…


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time is flying!


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an Indigo Love exclusive

A shipment of traditional bone inlay has just set sail for our warehouse, expected ETA late August, early September. The special thing about this shipment is the technique. Usually Bone inlay is Camel Bone and resin of course, and the coloured pieces of this style is where the resin is dyed to give the colour against natural bone. What we’ve done is tricky we think…We have had the bone dyed and used against white resin – this we think gives a much better result and appeal, especially in regards to colour, not to mention a new Morrocan tile pattern.

Here’s some poor images (sorry all we have for now) – but we can almost guarantee some ooohs and aaawwwws when it it gets here and we take some images in the studio….can’t wait! images of console and trays in Emerald and Indigo Blue. There will be trays in two sizes, coffee tables of various size and configurations of consoles to choose from. We’ve also kept the popular Geometric patterns as well…looking forward to seeing this one land.


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